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There are many myths surrounding the Tarot and how its messages can be interpreted to help us make sense of what may be happening in our lives.

Fortune telling aside, the truth of Tarot is that it simply exists as a tool to enable us to detach from that everyday, logical, rational state of mind and fall into an open, intuitive, feeling state of being where we allow the images of the cards to trigger memories of ancient knowledge from past experiences and to reveal to us what may be hidden in the lessons being presented through the people and circumstances we encounter as we move through life.

There is no denying that life is hectic. Sometimes things may get on top of us and it can be difficult to make sense of or understand what may be happening. A tarot reading offers you the opportunity to find a little space and clarity in order to regroup and review the direction you are moving in.

When you participate in a Tarot reading, know that it is fully that; a participation. To get the most from your reading approach it with an intention to interact and join in.

The reader acts as a facilitator between yourself (your logical mind) and your higher consciousness (soul/sacred self). Therefore, the more honest and open you can be to the patterns that the tarot may reflect with regards behaviours and deep seated beliefs, the more you will benefit from the hidden truths that tarot can reveal.Tarot; Transformation; Intuition

Simply, the tarot is a reflection of our hidden, sacred nature and when approached in this manner the benefits may become much more significant to helping us make sense of life than when we approach it in the hope that an external tool may hold the answers and foretell our future.

If you would like to have a reading to help bring clarity, focus or to shed a little light on matters and events I offer intuitive, interactive sessions in person.

Alternatively, I am happy to give readings via email. This service is tailored to you and I provide a written account of the reading sent to you. Please note that as I take the time to attune to your energy and your request, draw and interpret the cards and then write up the response, receipt of your reading may take a few days to be delivered to your inbox. 

Contact me for further details and to see if I may be the right reader for you.



For any of you who may be interested, the deck featured in the above images is Secrets of the Mystic Grove by Mary Alayne Thomas. I can whole heartedly recommend this oracle deck for its beautiful, stunning images and accurate, profound messages.


Disclaimer: Your participation in a reading is of your own will and how you choose to interpret and act upon the information shared is of your own volition. As the reader, I am unable to accept liability for the choices you may make consequently as we are all blessed with the gift of free will.

As a responsible reader, it is my role to assist you in coming to your own conclusions and decisions but not to give advice or to tell you what you should/should not do. Only you make take responsibility for the choices laid before yourself.

That aside, Tarot, when approached responsibly and with an open heart and mind can yield a surprising depth and insight to help along life’s journey.