Earth Series

Crystal Spirits

If you have found your way to these pages, then welcome friend and many blessings.

Do you feel the calling of something more but cannot explain in words just what these feelings are?

Do you see our earth as a living, breathing structure with a sentience beyond what we can perceive?

Is there music that whispers to you through the leaves and branches swaying gently?

Is all life sacred to you? Do you feel a calling, a longing stirring deep within you to reconnect to nature, earth, your heart?

Silver Studded Blue

In todays pace of existence it is all too easy to find ourselves feeling lost and inexplicably disconnected, but from what we cannot perhaps quite say. For me, it was when I found my way out into nature that I began to feel a return, a sense of belonging to something much greater than myself. It was as though I was coming home even though I did not know I had journeyed far from the land of my origins.

There are many names and titles given to those who walk a path in tune with nature; Wiccan, Pagan, Druid, Nature based spirituality, Witch. And there can at times still be prejudice faced when we openly embrace our spiritual path. Although nature based spirituality is more common in todays society it can still be widely misunderstood by many who do not hear the wisdom of the Goddess in all things.

Braken Heart

The purpose of this series is to encourage you to journey within. To seek what dwells within your heart in order to express and embrace a spirituality that is your own. No one title, faith or path is right or wrong. You may feel drawn to many aspects of witchcraft whilst also heeding the teachings of a Buddhist contemplation. This is absolutely wonderful as it is your path and your journey, unique to who you are.

Spirituality is deeply personal. I am drawn to a nature based path, endeavouring to live in synchronicity and harmony with the world around me. So it is from this perspective that I write.

Uffington White Horse

I hope that within the pages of this series and amongst the creative writing that I share, largely inspired by the Goddess and nature, you may find what it is you are searching for. That you may feel inspired to seek your own wisdom and spiritual development. Check out the categories section for the heading Nature Spirituality to find more information and articles.

From one heart we all are born. And in one heart may we live together in peace.