Little Slices of Happiness


Iceni Woman; inspired living

There are many ways to be kind. Kindness is fundamental to happiness. Kindness fosters tolerance, motivation, joy, compassion………..There are so many reasons to be kind!

We can change a persons day just by giving them a smile, we can change a persons life by giving them five minutes of our time.

We are soulful beings born with loving hearts but over time we encase ourselves with a fixed, protective exterior, afraid of what others may think or say, often giving with the expectation of receiving something back.

Well, maybe now is the time to remember that we can be catalysts for change. Catalysts to rekindle our spiritual, heartfelt, authentic self through showing our appreciation for our loved ones. Letting one another know we care through little gestures of kindness.

It’s not in the big things we do but the little things; little acts or kind words that can make all the difference. This can be extended not just to all humanity but to our beautiful planet and the life we share it with too.

Do something amazing and do something kind! You are a beautiful soul.

To see how I’ve been sharing a little kindness, visit here. For more inspiration and ideas read on…….

* Leave positive notes around the home; for yourself, for your family. Stick them on cupboards, mirrors, doors. Anywhere goes!

*Apply the above to the work place. Most of us work in jobs that do not necessarily inspire us and the work environment can be fraught with tension. Spread a little happiness by leaving positive messages around the workplace.

*Cook something yummy for loved ones – a favourite meal, a cake, even hot chocolate.

*Cook breakfast in bed for your loved one.

*Write a letter to your partner or children telling them what you love about them and put it in their lunchbox to find later in the day.

*Send random messages or post a positive message on someone’s Facebook/Twitter/social media account.

*Like peoples blogs or status updates when they share something they are proud of i.e achievements e.t.c.

*Knit/crochet/make a handmade gift for friends or family – handmade items take time and are a great way of showing people how much they mean to you.

*Hug someone! So often we take those we care for for granted so give them a hug and tell them you love them.

*Handwritten letters to people show an investment of your time and are an exciting, welcome surprise to receive through the letterbox. Send someone a card with a lovely picture, perhaps it caught you eye and reminded you of them?

*Does the person in the queue behind you have less shopping than you? Let them go ahead of you.

*Give up you seat to someone else, regardless of age!

*Smile – at everyone. In the street, in the supermarket, out and about.

*Ask people how they are and listen attentively, without interruption (this can be difficult as we all like to talk about ourselves).

*Feed the birds in you garden.

*Donate to charities – no amount is too small. Whether it’s a one off payment or a regular monthly set up, most charities will gratefully receive whatever you can afford to give.

*Keep a gift card loaded with £5/£10/£20, whatever you feel appropriate and give  to homeless people (think gift cards for food stores etc) or give to people who have shown you kindness.

*Shop local whenever you are able to and support local businesses.

*Donate clothes and any other unwanted items to charity shops.

*Buying new isn’t always better. There are loads of top notch, good quality second hand items out there, whether online through Gumtree, freecycle or ebay or through rummaging in your local charity shop or car boot. You’d be amazed what you can find!

*Turn the tap off when brushing you teeth.

*Pick up litter or organise a litter pick in your local area.

*Consider energy efficiency when purchasing new electrical ware.

*Be considerate of where what you but has come from, how it has been made and what impact it may have had on the environment. Is it fair trade? Does it condone sustainable farming techniques or does it encourage habitat loss and exploitation of people and animals?

*Have a garden? Collect rainwater to water the plants.

*Compost food waste.

*Pass on a book and share the inspiration!

*Help mums if you see them struggling to carry a pushchair up steps.

*Give compliments to people (make sure you mean them) it can make their day.

*When out and about, if you pay for something for yourself, offer to pay for someone else too – maybe buy your friends coffee for them or pay for their entry fee…..this can easily be applied to the person ion the queue behind you to.

*Build a bird box or a bug hotel (this is great to do with children!)

*Put sugar water out for a struggling bumble bee.

*Be brave and rescue that spider trapped in the bath – all life is precious and overcoming our fears is a significant achievement.

*Take part in a an organised event for charity – I walked the Moon Walk Marathon in 2016 and it was one of the best, most rewarding experiences I have had. I raised money for a worthwhile cause, got fitter and I did something awesome!

*If you can’t give up meat all together, try having a meat free day…….

*…….or why not take small steps to give up animal products all together. There are lots of resources for going vegan (or as I like to call it dairy free vegetarian).

*Help put a smile on the faces of children going through difficult times by sending very sick children a letter, postcard or email with a positive message. Visit Help from Home.

*Donate items to your local food bank.

*Invest in your children. Spend time with them, play games. help them learn.

*Give your grandparents a call. Loneliness in old age can so easily be avoided but giving a little time to those who gave their time to you.

*Do something kind for you! You are just as important.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. There are lots and lots of ways you can help. Lots of ways you can show kindness. If you have any suggestions, share them and spread the love, I’d love to hear from you




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