Within each of us is a creative soul bursting to get out. For me, one of the ways I like to get creative is through the medium of words. It helps me to understand what is around me and enables me to express my perception of concepts, ideas and this world of which we are all a part. I also love to encourage others to find their creative niche and allow their souls room to breath and room to be.

We are so much more than simply physical by nature. Getting back in touch with our internal longing to find our purpose and to find fulfilment in life I feel can rest upon our freedom to explore the inner workings of our heart.

Life is, after all, a journey of discovery and of rediscovery. Remembering that we are power-ful beings, spiritual by design.

I’m not sure where I’m headed along the road of life but I’m working my way towards rediscovering what I set out to achieve and create in this lifetime. I frequently stumble and deviate from the path. My intentions to live a productive day, one with a sense of achievement, are well meant but, like anyone, I’m susceptible to the temptations of the myriad of distractions demanding my time and attention.

Within these pages I hope that you may find something that inspires you, something that encourages you to live to your highest potential. That in my successes and mistakes, ramblings and revelations you may feel inspired to rekindle the spiritual in you and to embrace every day and every way of being.

And for the curious…..I’m a thirty something woman with a passion for nature and the great outdoors. I live in the land of the Iceni tribe (think Boudicca) where Bitterns boom and Sea Henge graced the shores. An aspiring Vegan I console myself that cheese is highly addictive. I love to tackle new things, teaching myself piano and flute whilst also advocating the benefits of Crystals, Sound and Tarot to support and unite the physical with the spiritual.

From my heart to yours,