Structure of the Soul; Our Purpose and Design

Life is eventful. It’s marked with milestones, highs, lows and everything in between. It seems all too common now that so many of us fight silent inner conflicts with stress, anxiety, low mood, ill health, lethargy and lack of focus.

We are living in a mixed up world that no longer seems to cultivate open hearts and purpose filled living. It is as if we have forgotten our true nature and our true heritage and so we spend the fragile years that we have roaming a world that is filled with fear, confusion, obligations and complete subjugation to a powerful few who have “our best interests at heart”.


It is now, in this moment that we must come to acknowledge our original intention for this manifestation of life that we have been given.

What makes your heart sing? Think back to when you were a child and the whole world seemed exciting and filled with endless possibility. You had no concept of limitations. You had not yet begun the process of social brainwashing that makes us much more easily controlled and locked in a state of darkness, our true natures hidden from us.

Knowingly or otherwise, as a child you inherently understood the concept of manifestation – when children play the fabric of this time frame is stripped away and they transport themselves to realms filled with wonder and endless possibility. This is our heritage and our birth right.

We are living in the constructs of a reality created by our participation in the low frequencies of fear and aggression and repression.

Instead, I encourage you to begin to hand the reins of control over to your sacred heart. Let it steer you and be your teacher for it knows what you intended for your life. It knows your passions, what excites you and gives you hope and fulfilment. It will willingly and gladly lift you out of a reality that keeps you in the dark and guide you to an existence where you create and embrace love, fulfilment and purpose in service to humanity and life in all of its forms.

There’s no denying that when we participate in a reality that vibrates at such a dense level as that which we presently occupy there are certain activities which require our attention in order to function – consumption of energy in the form of other organisms, movement, rest and certain social obligations to ensure we maintain life – both ours and those we hold dear. We are, after all, here to experience what it is to be physically present whilst reaching toward spiritual integration.

But we have become locked in a state of preservation rather than of exploration. We are merely existing.

We came here to experience what it is to be fully alive, what it is to overcome and transcend the physical parameters and construct around us a temple of light that has no limits.

Light itself demonstrates the presence of so much more than what our physical expression may interpret as “real”.  Light, when refracted, enables us to see the depth of structure, form and reality beyond our own current understanding by enabling us to see the myriad of colours hidden within its composite structure. And so it is with our reality; personal, cumulative and as a community.

So we can begin to remember that what we may be experiencing now is just one expression of the true nature of the universe and our place within it.

What the eye beholds is not all there truly is. You are a Master of your own design and now is the time to remember the childhood wonder of limitless creative power were love and curiosity are your guides and teachers.

Do not limit yourself and your potential by the social conditioning or media implanting that we are subjected to daily.

Do not deny your true nature because of fear of accusation or ostracising by society.

Many of us act out of fear when we encounter something we are not familiar with (to rephrase, when we encounter a truth which we have long denied in order to facilitate the manipulation of our hearts and minds into believing that we need to be ruled).

Why do we need to hand our power-ful spirit over to a minority that run this reality we remain locked in – because if we woke up and realised our true nature those in charge would be left behind as we fully embraced our light bodies and lived from a heart centred point of being.

We came here to experience physicality, to experience an entire spectrum of emotions, circumstances and challenges. In so doing we can then grow as individuals and as a collective, realising that our greatest gift is that of service and love without expectation of self-gratification or repayment for a kindness given.

More and more of us are experiencing anxiety, tension, physical pain without explanation, anger, frustration, loneliness and allergies because we are being catapulted into an era where it has become essential for us to wake up and integrate the true natures of our being and our existence.

We are children of the Earth, custodians if you will, but we are also structurally composed of frequencies and matter that vibrate at levels beyond what the physical matrix can currently anchor. We are evolving and must evolve if we are to shift into alignment with this wave of enlightened activation that is washing over the planet.

Our emotions act as a fabulous barometer to signify when we are out of alignment with our original intention, individually and collectively. Anxiety, frustration and deep depression are indicators that we are not in tune with our I AM presence. They signify a need to take time out to re-evaluate our priorities, our current direction and therefore to seek to make appropriate changes where possible to bring us back into a state of alignment and harmony.

Listen to what your body is telling you. Listen to its cries for help, speak with your emotions and understand the meaning in what you may be feeling. A mass shift out of this darkness is inevitable but the journey will not be and is not an easy one. Individual participation is a requirement coupled with harmonious acceptance and support of our ascension as a species and a community.

Let go of resistance and embrace change. Embrace your true design as a spiritual being who is being gently prodded to realise and remember the knowledge of your true reality, all of which is locked away and stored in your genetic template.

The only way we as humanity can hope to shift out of this state of fear and isolation is by fully embracing our natural state of love without jealousy, integrity without resentment and truth without dishonesty.

Embrace your template of light and heed the call to change.

In loving service



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