Samhain: The Air of Magic

I love this time of year. It is so intense, vibrant and full of raw power. Everything is shifting and changing. There is so much activity surrounding us as life is preparing for change.

The light has begun to fade incrementally since mid-June; subtle and secretive. Yet here at this end do we now begin to perceive the lengthening of this darker time of year.

But as the darkness grows, the shadows lengthening around us, there is nothing to fear as we step forwards into the realm of mist and unknown. The territory before us may yet be untraversed. Untold obstacles may stand in our path that, without the light of summers kingdom to guide us we believe ourselves unable to overcome.

We may find ourselves looking with longing to the warmth of summer now passed, it’s days filled with light and a hive of activity and accomplishment as the fields thronged with plants, flowers and the glorious melody of Skylarks.

Trepidation may abound as we contemplate a perceived dreary few months ahead where the sky is grey, the ground a swamp from winter storms and illness stalking us as colds pass, virulent and persistent.

Yet to me, I look at this time, the last days of October known to so many as Halloween, Samhain, All Hallows, with excitement and anticipation. With breathless reverence for the stark beauty of golden crowns that adorn the woodland realm, the stark night skies glittering with countless stars and a clarity of light that only late Autumn and Winter brings.

Behold the air of Magic. Of powerful energy that courses through this earth – the same energy that fills each one of us with life.

To me, Halloween is not simply a time for honouring those that have gone before us. Nor is it solely a time of reflection on where we have journeyed from and where we are heading to. It is also a time to pay homage to ourselves. To our power-full state of being. To implement change both in our own lives and in the lives of those we meet. 

Autumn, Halloween, is a time to look forwards with anticipation for all of the amazing achievements we are yet to create and experience. It is a time to nurture our need for rest and internal reflection; to covet a little self-love and self-worth. For knowing and accepting a need to acknowledge that all things run their course; that life is a cycle of endings and beginnings; nothing is impervious to change or decay.

This cycle is reflected in our relationships, friendships, careers and many other aspects of our lives. But with this cycle there comes regeneration and new life born out of the ending and decay of that which we cast off.

The Cailleach walks the land once more as Winter stretches forth it’s icy grip. She is Strong, Wild and Untamed. She is fierce, unyielding, yet not without an air of humility. She brings endings to all things which enables peace and, in turn, growth and resurrection. We may take from Her that strength and knowing of when to release old bonds that no longer serve in order that we may fulfil our potential, our purpose for this life.

How exhilarating an opportunity is this time of year!

A time to head boldly into the darkness and be our own light. To hold our heads up high as we walk hand in hand with our Ancestors toward the returning Spring of our renewed life-force.

Celebrate the passing of Summer and all its memories made with open arms and welcome all that the darkness brings forth to teach us. Spend time with family, whoever they may be to you and cultivate a little kindness for yourself and the journey as yet unknown.












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