Five ways to Realign your Self

There comes a point in most of our lives when we feel “out of sorts”. We wake up every day, perhaps feeling unrefreshed even though we may have had a good 7-8 hours sleep. Doing the same routines, going out to work or doing chores. Consuming food that is usually quick and convenient, then sitting in front of the TV before heading to bed, physically, mentally and emotionally drained.

Every day is the same, over and over and over again.

We become tired beyond words. We may know that things need to change but we are stuck in a pattern that is hard to breakout of and get back to Us

Before we know it, weeks, months, even years of our lives have passed and we have little recollection of the satisfying, soul nourishing ways in which we have spent it.

As we drift into adulthood, responsibilities abound and the complexities of living a “successful” life may leave us feeling lost, overwhelmingly tired and out of touch with happiness.

There will always be things that need to be done, along with responsibilities and people who may be dependent upon us. There will always be times when we feel alive and times when we feel overwhelmed. But when we wake each day feeling dull, like we are simply existing, then we have moved out of alignment with our purpose for being here.

We are in fact so much more than physical creations. We are limitless patterns of possibility and energy. We are not machines.

So what can we do to bring ourselves back into alignment? To restore our sense of joy and excitement for being alive and having this wonderful experience of life on our beautiful blue planet?


1). Set your Intention for each day

2). Do more of what makes you happy

3). Cultivate positive eating habits

4). Movement

5). Creativity


Set your intention for each day.

It is too easy too get up each morning, grab a quick drink, rush around and then head out for a day of things we have to/must do/should do with little in the way of purpose or direction for getting the most out of each day that we are blessed with.

Take time each morning to think about what you would like out of the day. It doesn’t have to take long. If you feel pressed for time think about it while you are in the bathroom, getting dressed or driving to work. Setting your intention can help to make sure that you spend your time focused not only what you need to accomplish but that you spend the day in a way that ensures your needs are met too.

I set my intention for each day by writing it in my bullet journal. That way, not only am I thinking about how I can best spend my time but I am also acknowledging that I matter. That I am worthy of joy and happiness.

Writing my intention also provides me with a point of reference throughout the day, making it a real component; solid and constructed so that it has more bearing upon how I approach my day and the events that arise as I move through each moment.

Examples that I write include things that I want to achieve – a day of healthy eating, writing a blog post, music practise, getting out on my bike to writing more ethereal topics such as a reminder to practice patience, to focus on the positive aspects of every circumstance or to accept my emotions rather than fighting against them.


Do more of what makes you happy.

Sounds obvious but so often we spend more time doing what we think we need to do, not what we would like to do.

Doing what makes you happy is not a selfish way of living; when you are happy you are much better able to care for others so give yourself permission to do that course, to pursue that dream or to sit and read that book.

Sometimes, the more we give the more people will expect of us. This is fine when we are feeling happy and strong and fulfilled but when we feel lost or without purpose, “off course”, we can potentially end up feeling resentful and burnt out.

I’m not suggesting that we all put our responsibilities on the shelf and turn to self-indulgent living without a thought as to the consequences of our actions. Rather, I propose that we take a moment to consider when we last felt happy.

I mean really happy. Relaxed. The kind of happy where you feel that overwhelming sense of joy to be doing something that you know you were meant to be doing.

What are you passionate about? It may take some time to sift through all the myriad of experiences and events that have happened. But what was it you were doing? Were you out in nature? Taking part in a sport? Doing something creative?

As children we experienced the world in a state of wonder, curiosity and freedom. Everything was exciting (in fact my son told me it was the best day ever recently because he had a big bowl of ice cream!) and we took immense pleasure in the things that we loved doing.

Yet as we grow we seem to place less and less emphasis upon our happiness and wellbeing as we move away from the things that make our hearts sing. It is not always easy to restart old hobbies or interests, neither is it easy to change the direction of our work life, but if we can dream it, we can make it our reality.

When we are happy, when we are living a life filled with purpose, we are much more productive in all areas of our life and things begin to flow effortlessly as we have come home to ourselves and live in each moment.

So I propose to spend a little time thinking about the things that bring you joy and happiness and look at ways to incorporate them into your life on a more frequent level.


Cultivate positive eating habits 

Here I’m suggesting that the food we eat, where it comes from, how fresh and alive it is, may be seriously effecting how we approach life and how we cope with the stresses that come our way.

I have been a vegetarian for around 17 years but that doesn’t mean I’ve always been healthy. I’ve been transitioning to a vegan lifestyle (I prefer to call it a dairy free vegetarian – visit my earlier post about assigning ourselves labels HERE) for around two years (giving up cheese has been really hard) but again that doesn’t mean I’m healthy.

What we feed our bodies can greatly alter our state of wellbeing, not just physically but also our ability to concentrate and our emotional state of being can be drastically affected.

Since turning to a wholly plant based diet, incorporating all the colours of the rainbow and ensuring that I eat consciously, I have managed to begin to move my life away from what was becoming a long term affair with chronic tiredness and low levels of energy to feeling more vibrant, energetic and better able to focus. And all by giving greater consideration to what I was choosing to nourish my body with.

Look at what you are eating. Consider keeping a food diary for a week. Even when we think we are healthy it is often a surprise to see just how little variety we have in our diet. What we put into our bodies can have a drastic effect on our state of wellbeing.

There is a wealth of research out there to show the importance of eating a rainbow of foods along with lots of inspiring websites, books and channels if you need ideas and suggestions on getting started. My New Roots, Deliciously Ella, and The Rawtarian, are some sites worth a peep with lots of recipe ideas while my recent go to book for veggie dishes is Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstals Much More Veg.

Whether you choose to eat a plant based diet or whether you choose to eat meat, the benefits of eating consciously, with variety and choosing healthier options far outweigh the alternatives.  When we give our bodies nutrient dense food we feel full of vigour, energized and supported and we are better able to focus on our goals and our intentions to actively create the life we wish to live.



In the last few years I went from a very active lifestyle where I was outdoors in all weathers to a somewhat sedentary state of being. My world became a much more internal state of affairs where I spent most of my time sitting – at a desk, on a sofa or in a car.

Combine this with a diet that, whilst free of meat was loaded with hidden sugars, carbs and refined foods it’s little wonder I began to feel out of sorts and not in alignment with myself (not to mention the weight I gained!).

I was sleeping more hours than I can count, permanently tired, lethargic and struggling with depression and anxiety. I lacked a sense of purpose. I resented how my body had become sluggish and weak. But I didn’t have the energy, physically or mentally, to get out of this rut.

What triggered the change for me was no longer having a car. If I wanted to get somewhere I had to seek out alternatives – I decided to rekindle my love affair with walking, cycling and stretching and my energy levels have increased three fold.

The more energy I have, the more enthusiasm I have to start new projects.The more I accomplish, the closer I feel to being in touch with who I really am; my hopes and aspirations and actively seeking to make them my reality.

Movement and exercise can produce a natural state of euphoria and a sense of achievement. When we feel strong in our bodies we feel happier and better able to tackle what life my give us. Moving our bodies, even just for half an hour a day can make a big difference over time.

However you choose to become active, when combined with good eating habits we are feeding not only the body but also the mind and the soul. We reunite these three elements and in this unity our drive to live a soul infused life becomes strong and the resilience and vitality that we once cultivated is reignited as we move closer to that state of alignment with our preferred state of being.



Creativity is all about turning our ideas into our reality. This is something I wholeheartedly advocate when it comes to getting back in touch with us; to realigning with ourselves and our spirit.

As children, everything was full of wonder, everything was beautiful. We expressed ourselves everyday in so many ways – through laughter, play, drawing, painting, moving. We lived in the moment, full of joy and love and with an innate desire to experience life and all it has to offer.

This is inherent in all of us, regardless of our age.

Yet as we grow into adulthood, we become static and detached. We lose sight of the wonder and beauty that surrounds us and we stop expressing what is in our hearts. Our freedom and enjoyment in singing, making, drawing, moving, dancing, laughing and doing becomes filled with inhibition and we all too readily succumb to a ridged state of existence where we place more emphasis upon what others may think and how they may judge us rather than simply doing what it is that makes us happy.

Our desire to express our hearts becomes swamped and in turn we may not acknowledge the link between the radiance that dwells in each of us and our need to express this in physical form.

When we are creative we are allowing the colours of our hearts to radiate outwards, from a spiritual point of being into a physical expression of that internal luminosity.

There is a huge amount of satisfaction in being creative and this can go a long way to helping us to re-establish a connection to our inner being.

Being creative doesn’t have to mean picking up a paintbrush. If that’s not your thing why not try photography – most of us have phones that can boast a decent enough camera function nowadays. Or how about learning to play an instrument? Singing? Knitting? Sculpting, writing, dancing, gardening. If you have an idea, put it into action. Make it a reality. Express the colours of your heart through a whole host or mediums and allow the joy of creativity to bring you back into alignment with your soul-self.


These are five simple steps to bring you back into a state of being whereby you are living with purpose and with integrity. There are many ways that we can externalise our hopes and realign to our original purpose.

I hope these suggestions inspire you to seek realignment. I’d love to hear your suggestions or techniques you implement when life feels out of rhythm!



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