Leave No Trace


This is a world of material,

And in it I walk alone.

A wanderer here for a time,

All too brief and yet unknown.


In your hand I once held to trust,

In hope of faith and strength.

In love that once burned,

With life, significance.


But how the leaf fades,

And the tree falls to earth.

You leave in search of where I cannot go,

While I remain, tied to empty mirth.


Only memories now reside here with me,

In this place of faded elation.

Once you loved me without restraint,

Held me and caressed me in intense abandon.


Now I linger on, alone,

As here my life turns to dust.

And as the sun his nightly sojourn partakes,

I leave no trace in earth, sea or skies above.


For now I go to that place where I belong,

Silently I breath my last,

Would that I now depart as you call me forth,

No trace remains of what aside it is I have now cast.



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