A Call to Love (Not to Arms)

I see everywhere about me the pillars of progress, industry, fashion and necessity, all designed to ease our living. I do not stand in the way of progress but I do question the quality of the life we have created for ourselves here.

Look underneath and below the surface, peer into the cracks and crevices, peel away the honey comb of mass marketing and there appears a darkness, nay sadness that permeates throughout our culture. An emptiness that underpins this dreamy exterior.

The shallow depths of superficial happiness and empty promises of fulfilment have led to a world where wilderness is cultivated and happiness can be bought in exchange for the price of our souls. When I begin to look around me I see many an empty shell of human hearts bereft, left crying out for something more. We buy our satisfaction and purpose with the cost of our right to breath – even the air and the water necessary to life has become polluted with the ownership of a few. Such selling and taxation of the spirit is inimical to the blossoming of a healthy culture driven by love not by hatred and greed.

Our appetite for more has become insatiable – more money, more technology, more status. We are fuelling our own demise by blinding ourselves to the true nature of our existence here. We are convinced by the opinions of a few in the media that bombards us that domination and violence is justifiable to “keep the peace”. We are the blind leading the blind, allowing our own opinions to be shaped not by our own principals but by the manipulation of some who wish to exert their own ego upon the beautiful souls that live upon this earth.

It is our right to experience joy in simplicity, without need to clothe it in trinkets and short-lived thrills. It is our right to understand achievement and unencumbered giving without expectation of what we may get in return – the return is the gift of being of service to others and seeking to spread a little compassion, not a little jealousy.

In seeking to find our purpose here we have lost sight of what it truly is to be Human. Compassion. Selfless Acts of Love Without Underlying Motive. Benevolence. Living Life With Good-Will and Friendship. Instead of looking for the bad within each other and living on the defensive, maybe it is time to project love toward our fellow man and woman and to seek out the jewel that resides within the heart.

I see all around me folk who judge, forgetting that in so doing they are placing the judgement ultimately not upon others but upon themselves. I see people who act aggressively, selfishly, with a guarded exterior, driven unconsciously by the fear that permeates our society. Fear of one another, fear of that which we do not understand, fear of kindness gifted us by acquaintances – surely they have an ulterior motive we tell ourselves! If we fear something, if we do not understand something, seek out the knowledge to alleviate the fear for knowledge is power – power to drive away the darkness and shed a little light.

I see lost souls who have forgotten the simple and intrinsic beauty in the world and its life force that is freely available to us all if we choose to live in harmony with this beautiful blue planet. Instead, an inanimate object has taken on far more value than a cold, crisp autumn morning where the dew hangs upon the fine silk thread of an Orb Spider – diamonds free for all to enjoy.

We have given away our power in pursuit of pleasure and perfection, forgetting that we were born already perfect. We have allowed our souls to be bought for the price of happiness packaged in the latest software and gadgets. Yes, many of these items may have greatly improved our quality of life but to what cost to our earth? There are many in this world who still suffer, who still live in poverty. Children die of starvation, drought stalks the land where dams and irrigation have bled the earth dry. Factories pump out toxic waste and clog the air we breath in thick smog. We design bigger, more powerful weapons to threaten and annihilate one another and we fill our imaginations with images fed to us of violence, torture and misdeed.

We have become slaves without even knowing. The subtleties of possession have woven themselves about us and shackled us our freedom.

The earth is sick. We have lost our way. The call of the wild, heralded by the lone wolf has passed from many a living memory. Enigmatic animals that grace our planet are departing from this world as we pollute their homelands and invade their country.

If I may be so bold I say take back the right of our creation here – to realise that All Life is Precious. That we have a finite number of moments, each one precious unto itself to be shared with the world around us. We have a finite number of days, individually and collectively, in which to enjoy the frost biting at our fingertips, the summer showers cooling our warm skin, a hug from a loved one, a tender moment between parent and child or an encounter with nature in its rawest form. Enjoy the technology that surrounds us but do not let it rule you. It is there to compliment and enhance this experience of life not to dominate.

Would not the world be happier if we claimed back our right to freedom and independence through the sacred union of love? Through the sacred choice of respect not disgust. Would not the world be happier if more of us spent time loving, sharing and embracing what is given rather than taking, manipulating and fighting?

The heart knows what it needs. Let it be your guide, not the fear driven publications and subtle displays of power designed to control and limit our creative potential. When we come together and work as one we can achieve great things. Smile at the stranger upon the street. Ask another how their day has been and it may change the course of their actions. Small steps, small actions spiral into great accomplishments. We learn so much about ourselves when we learn and take interest in others. When we support and encourage.

Kindness Changes Everything. Or in the words of Mahatma Gandhi

“Be the Change You Want to See in the World”

Edris xXx



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