To the Anam Caras of our Hearts

My dear friend, there once was a phrase made of sound, formed into words and these words given meaning that I gave unto you. My beloved being sent here to me to show me hope and comfort. Even in the darkest of times.

You came to me like the promise of light shed upon a cautious dawn of winters heedless grip, whereby the light foot of spring begins the thaw of frosted glen and dormant bud.

A ray of sunshine hale and strong. Humble yet filled with effortless grace. My heart remembered you from long ago. When we were young and walked amongst the diamond lit skies of the infinite blue aloft. Before thought was given form and all things were one. So we walked together.

Long years apart but friendship born of the soul ever endures.

When first we met some earthly years now passed, close to a mid-winters eve, I knew that here was another that danced to the same beat of life’s merry tune.

A friendship built not on what we can take from each other but rather on the joy and love shared between two souls come together again and sharing in the graceful ease of companionship. Thus is our connected thread of affection built.

And even though the days be long once more, even though the miles be far between us now, my soul friend ever shall you be.

You know the way of my winding path along this living journey of experience. We sing the same frequency of harmony and in solemn vow, together we flow as one stream of conscious presence and thus is a depth of trust and friendship born that cannot be marred, no matter the years that pass or distance now between us.

When one happens upon their Anam Cara, know that it is not by chance, though at first it may seem as such. When a friend akin to yourself enters into your life and whispers in the silence of your breath with words of wisdom and faithful tides of affection given, it is then that the blessing of a companion of the heart has graced you spirit.

And so, dear Anam Cara, divine soul-sister and élan, to you I write my gratitude of your blessed gift of friendship that has enhanced the lifeblood of my soul.

Edris x



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