Silver Willows

Once long ago when all was fair, I sat beneath the willows, there.

With clouds upon high and drifting by, the heady breeze played through silver leaves.

Arms around me, holding on and with promises to remain ever strong, my love and I sat ‘neath the shade, with whispers of love and tokens we gave.

His words were true, silken and soft.

Woven around me like the gossamer aloft.

The silver willows listened then and swayed amidst youths hazy tryst.

Oh, but they are only dreams long past, when ones heart was young and vows we thought would last.

And to the banks of a dream once strayed, I linger there no more.

My love has long since drifted, far beyond my touch.

Youth has faded into age, with only memories to sit beside me now.

What once we had, has departed, gone.

But my heart will always remain with you, my silver willows dancing there, where love was born and hope was strong.

A sacred bond of two hearts as one, ever flowing, never fading, in the timeless space were dreams live on.


Edris, June 2016



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