Sail With Me

Come sail away with me a while, we shall dance amongst the stars. In the endless deep of a dark embrace, kissed by moonbeams that in paleness beguile.

In a pathless void of nothing, where the silence can be heard. Where a whisper is a thousand times much louder than a bird.

What is time, here, in this place where hope and joy, grief and anger interlace?

There is no end and yet from whence this sprung, none here can say.

Amidst the place beset between the stars, no light lingers, no mirth here to be found. And yet, I ask you “Come sail with me” to the darkness that surrounds. My grip it takes you, whether you will it or no. And so we go to dance amongst the nothing, in the space between the stars.

I cannot promise love, neither can I promise joy – I leave that unto moonbeams and the silver light of dawn.

But if you dance with me a while, here in the deep dark of night, take comfort in the strength you know and the courage, stout of heart.

The emptiness of night shall come, silently to us each one. Our steps may falter, we may turn our gaze away. But deny my presence, heed not my call and thou shalt never come to know the light within the darkness held in all.

A star, like a seed, lay still, in the remotest part of nothing. Come sail with me and you shall know the jewel that is the heart.

Where light and dark are one and the seed may tremble into life. A new dawn rises, old tides pass, be gone. And the flower of a new day grows on shores as yet unknown.

Dare you sail here with me, through darkness and the void?

I promise not an easy voyage, not like that of light. But sail with me into the depth and you shall rise anew. From the ashes of the past into the present, here, now. A fire shall be woken and your heart, as like unto the sun, shall cast its radiance to all, a beacon hailing us each one.

Edris, February 2016



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